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‼️ WE'RE BACK ‼️

Business Masterclass PART TWO📝


It's time to PIVOT your business with our Business Masterclass PART #2.

The deets... 🗒
📅 31st January 2021
⏰ 12-2pm
📍 Online in our private profile
💰 £15
🎥 Watch back for two weeks
🔛 Limited availability
🖥 Book via www.bellabeaute1.com & tap "book online"

What's included?

1️⃣ Learn how to pivot your business
2️⃣How to build your brand
3️⃣How I designed an eyelash brand
4️⃣Finding the right supplier
5️⃣My journey #2
6️⃣How it all started
7️⃣Increasing profits
8️⃣Cross selling
9️⃣The next step for you.

"I really enjoyed the business masterclass with Sophie. I love watching her because she is so honest and relatable. Lots of handy tips including social media, editing apps, how she began, how to be professional and budgeting"

Rachel Hartley

Hiya babes,

I absolutely LOVED it!! It's so helpful and you explained everything so well on how to grow business! It's actually inspirited me to have my own salon again eventually!
My social media is slowly coming together from tips I've used from the masterclass

Katie Roberts

Benefited so much from the business masterclass. Sophie told us what she did to build her business and tips on how to run a successful social media. She fab, you don't wanna miss any of her courses xx

Jenna Lacny

Morning hun, just a quick message. I learned so much from you tonight but also over the last few months just really keeping up with your page!! I'm so thankful❤️ Your business and salon is my absolute dream. I'm so determined to make it Soph! xx

Alicia Chelsea


I booked to do the business master class with Sophie back in November. I literally wrote 13 pages of notes which included the q's and a's after the master class. I found Sophie's start out journey really interesting and she inspired me to push my business more! The drive Sophie had for her business is how she's successful today. The master class taught me that I am the face of my business, I need to put the work in and I can be how ever successful I like. Sophie shared some great tips on the money side of the business, how to gain clientele and optimist your time to plan your week ahead. I started my beauty business May 19, well I still had so much to take from this training Nov 20! So I'd definitely recommend to start out and developed business's. Thank you Sophie for taking the time to deliver the master class!

Danielle Jenkins

I started out in the industry not knowing a thing about business / social media. I didn't have anyone to turn to for help, I spent hours training with other makeup artists, watching YouTube videos & researching how to create the social media content.

I started offering makeup appointments in my living room alongside working a full time job. After years of being persistent I am now a full time makeup artist & have changed & pivoted my business drastically in the last few months.

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Is this masterclass suitable for me?


This is suitable for ALL business owners in the beauty industry no matter how big or small. I'm here to motivate you, inspire you & help you grow your business 💪🏻